What are your requirements?

PJ Tech invests in:
  • Stage: Pre-seed, Seed, 1st institutional investment round
  • Sectors: Cloud computing, Big Data, ERP Infrastructure, Bioinformatics, Agri-tech, Fintech, Shipping-tech
  • Qualitative Highlights: Strong and experienced management team, proof of concept in place, attractive market, and ability to attract international follow-on investors.

What is the best way to contact?

PJ Tech can be contacted through the Contact Us form or any of our management team-members’ emails. We are also on Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social media.

How do you invest?

PJ Tech invests in startups through equity and convertible notes.

What is the size of companies?

We are open to any size business.

What amount of investment?

With the financial backing of the European Investment Fund and Piraeus Bank, PJ Tech is able to finance startups with up to 750K. This amount is most likely allocated in a couple of rounds.

What is the timeline?

The end to end time frame is 2-3 months for an initial investment.

Is a business plan required?

A teaser or business plan is highly recommended at the initial stages of our interaction.

The PJ Tech Process

Submit your startup’s business plan

We review your application and will respond promptly with feedback

We meet together to better understand your team and proposition

If it looks like a great partnership, we will progress our review of more detailed material

Final steps of the initiation process involve a term sheet and full documents as to close the deal