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Vyra.com is a digital booking platform, similar to Booking.com for the boat rental industry, aiming to digitalize this highly profitable sector.

Founders: Christina Tratari (CEO), Vassilis Podiadis
Website: vyra.com
Twitter: @Vyra_com

Vyra.com is a yacht booking platform, facilitating the search and booking process for all sailors and holiday goers, who are currently facing a highly fragmented market of numerous local suppliers, offering boats in doubtful or good conditions, in good or bad prices without ease of access to information that will guarantee a safe booking and relaxing holiday. Customers will be able to search and book among all the inventory of the global fleet, whether it’s from a charter company or a private owner. Vyra.com is working on defragmenting the industry by reorganizing and validating the global fleet’s data, achieving efficiency and bookings for the operators, as well as better prices and services for the end customer.