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ORamaVR introduces VR to medical training through psychomotor, gamified, interactive, surgical training in immersive VR environments.

Founders: Panos Trahanias, Eleftherios Tsiridis, George Papagiannakis
CEO: George Papagiannakis
Website: oramavr.com
Twitter: @oRamaVR

ORamaVR was established with the purpose of disrupting the medical, surgical training and smart education fields by providing a ‘metamorphoses’ (as the epic mythological narrative by the Roman poet Ovid) in those sectors. Accordingly, ORamaVR is set to address the problem of reduced real-time theatre experience of current surgeons/physicians in complex, highly demanding surgical procedures by providing novel, low-cost psychomotor, VR training s/w applications.