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Proprietary hardware that is installed in retail stores and optimizes the process for recycling mobile devices and existing loyalty programs

Founder and CEO: Som Sinha
Website: intelliboxes.com
Twitter: @Smartbox

Smartbox has developed Intellibox, a proprietary technology device (software & hardware) that facilitates the automated recycling of mobile devices in brick-and-mortar retail shops of mobile operators and general retailers. Intellibox is a physical device that a) automatically identifies and evaluates customer’s handset b) electronically reads customer’s identity document to prevent fraud / theft and c) sends a SMS to the customer’s handset with a summary of an offer. Overall, the project is addressing the global mobile devices recycling market (handsets and tablets) which is currently estimated to be around $2.4 BN. Mobile devices are a big source of electronic waste (e-waste). With Intellibox, SmartBox intends to reduce the number of mobile phones ending up in a landfill, recycle metals and plastics from these mobile devices, and resell phones to reduce consumption of / need to produce new phones.